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Lora Bay Golf Club

Lora Bay Golf Club



Complimentary Lora Bay Golf Club Trial Membership

Lora Bay is pleased to announce the following Complimentary Introductory Membership Program for purchasers of a new home site in Lora Bay from the Lora Bay Corporation, and in The Trail Woods Community from The Trail Woods Corporation: 

A purchaser of a new home site in Lora Bay, Trail Woods, or Pheasant Run shall receive a one year Complimentary Introductory Membership to The Golf Club at Lora Bay.   

The Complimentary Introductory Membership shall be available for no more than two (2) persons ie the purchaser and the spouse or common law partner of the purchaser. This Complimentary Introductory Membership is not transferable and has no cash value. 

Introductory Membership includes full Membership privileges: unlimited golf and unlimited use of the driving range and practice facilities. Golf cart, club storage, GAO fees, hole-in-one insurance extra. 

•    Introductory Members receive one complimentary private lesson with a club golf professional.
•    Family members may be introductory members by payment of annual dues for their category.
•    There is no food and beverage minimum to be spent in the Clubhouse.


Membership Details

The purchaser must activate the membership on or before the second anniversary of the closing date of purchase.  
The activation of the membership shall be completed by the purchaser giving written notice to the vendor and The Golf Club at Lora Bay on or before such date and the completion of such form of application as The Golf Club at Lora Bay shall require from time to time; 

The membership is valid for one (1) golfing season. For greater clarity, this means that if the membership is activated, the membership will apply to the then current golf season or the immediately subsequent golf season. Should the purchaser activate the membership during the middle of a golf season, the membership will expire at the end of that golf season notwithstanding that the membership applied to a partial season. 
The purchaser is not entitled to receive any credit against any amounts owing to the vendor under this agreement should the purchaser determine that it does not wish to exercise its rights to activate the membership; and, 
the membership shall be limited to the annual dues for golf that would be payable to join The Golf Club at Lora Bay as a one year Introductory Member. Further, any other costs or charges (for example golf shop charges and food & beverage charges) are not be included in the Complimentary Introductory Membership and are the responsibility of the purchaser. 

Should the purchaser decide to join The Golf Club at Lora Bay, as either a Full Member or a Midweek Member, there is no credit given towards the entrance fees for any amount of annual introductory dues received on a complimentary basis.

To see full membership details and entrance fees, by clicking below.